• Soft and Cuddly Beanie Buddy (the larger version of the Beanie Baby)
  • Lovable Plush Toy
  • Collectible Plush Toy
  • Ages 3 And Up
  • 13″ Tall


Frog Beanie Baby

we Have Provide Best Animal Beanie for Gifts ect. This Frog Beanie for Baby Prince. The statement is a larger version of Buddy Beanie Baby.) Their tag reads, “Smoky the Beanie Baby is the second Beanie Baby Frog that Tie made!” This cute ambibion ​​is made in bright green and mango yellow.

Her green plastic eyes are high above her head and her face is red thread. The shell of the smoothie is made of 100% tile, in a special man-made fabric of tie ink in which you will find a plush toy. The cloth bag contains polyester fiber and PE knives. He makes an amazing toy or a combination addition. Just wash the surface.

Great design, quality workmanship on toys, long-term operational integrity and good service have been well received by the trust’s wide public.

Because our mission pays attention to every detail and wants to give you the best toy. This very nice toy is big and soft. This realistic frog is a plush toy and also makes a neat and unique gift for babies and toddlers like Christmas. Kids will love this toy full of green frogs.

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